Beatrice Gordon

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I have lived most of my life as a painter and photographer, both as a teacher and as a fine artist. My images depend on any number of combinations of scanned images, memories, and objects, including my older traditional works, paintings, photographs, and digital images. I use layering techniques in many media to express the flow of space and time from the past and reaching into the future. What is important to me is to be able to share an art vision, knowing that the most important part of art is living a creative life each day.
Beatrice Gordon was born in Pasadena, California and now lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and can be contacted by e-mail at

Sea Change my lost Atlantis
Wine Dragons Vessels of Clay I
Untitled Mt Waterman
Diamond Leaves Angeles Series - First Window
my dream the Captive
"...and there is hope in butterflies..." Primal Sees
Angeles Series - Third Window Reality
"the world I go a fishin' in" Humours
Old Cannery Row - 1 Old Cannery Row - 5
Sea Change